Crazy Color By Renbow


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Crazy Color should be used straight from the bottle. Crazy Color works best on hair that has an even depth of colour. For best results use on pre-lightened hair, on non-prelightened hair results will be tonal. Crazy Color can be used for:

  • Ladding shine on natural hair
  • Just a hint of colour on natural light hair
  • Bright colours on very light bleached hair
  • to enliven faded hair colour
  • to remove unwanted tones
  • lasts on an average 3 – 12 shampoos depending on the hair.

Vermillion Red, Cyclamen, Pinkisimmo, Violette, Capri Blue, Peacock Blue, Pine Green, Canary Yellow, Aubergine, Bordeaux, Emerald Green, Lavender, Lilac, Fire, Coral Red, Sky Blue, Orange, Burgundy, Hot Purple, Bubblegum Blue, Marshmallow, Candy Floss, Ruby Rouge, Blue Jade, Lime Twist, Graphite, Peachy Coral, Peppermint, Sapphire, Rose Gold, Slate, Ice Mauve, Anarchy UV, Caution UV, Rebel UV, Toxic UV, Silver, Platinum, Black